Hockey Heartbreak and Friday Night Lights

The United States women’s Olympic hockey team lost the gold medal game to Canada yesterday, giving up a two-goal lead with less than two minutes left in the third period, and the winning goal a little over halfway into overtime. It was heartbreaking, even more so than today's loss by the US men’s team to … Continue reading Hockey Heartbreak and Friday Night Lights

Sunday best

Author Gary Shteyngart, in today's New York Times Book Review: "It's so nice to turn the pages of a real printed book with a small, sweet creature like my son, Johnny, by my side. I'm reminded of my father reading to me as a child, my head against his chest, letting the heavy Russian words … Continue reading Sunday best

Weekend reading: Something warm

The view from my window is of pure white today, the only contrast being the brick houses and bare trees that look almost black against the snow. Smoke puffs from a chimney across the street, a hint of warmth inside, but otherwise everything looks frozen. It's a perfect day to read, curled up on the couch, … Continue reading Weekend reading: Something warm