Recommended reading

A regular Monday feature highlighting an excerpt from the past weekend’s reading:

“They took care of each other during the day, but at night they went to the ruins of their own houses. Each had found a corner to sleep in shielded on one side by a wall and the other by sticks and thatch. They struggled to find sleep on the mats that separated their bodies from the earth. The tattered blankets couldn’t warm their old bones. But they were home, where they knew exactly which tree the first sunrays would pierce through, a signal for God to connect with humans, every day. They had to be in their homeland for that—one could, if possible, hear God only through the words of one’s own land.”

From Radiance of Tomorrow, a novel by Ishmael Beah. Also recommended: A Long Way Gone, Beah’s memoir of growing up as a child soldier in Sierra Leone.